One Slime FAQ

One Slime is a one player version of Slime Volleyball written by Daniel Wedge (Wedgey) in 2001. There are five levels, see below for more details. The first player to win six points is the winner, if the human player wins, they advance to the next level. A points scoring system is used based on how quickly each level is completed, and how convincing the player is in winning (ie, 6-0 win, points won by serving aces, hitting winners etc).

Why is it called Slime Volleyball?
Well there was originally this game on the web called Slime Volleyball, which was a one player version. A group of friends discovered and played it in 1999 and thought "Wouldn't it be great if there was a two player version with better physics?" So Quin Pendragon wrote it and kept the original name. You can read more in the Brief History of Slime.

Why is this version faster than the old Java applet version?
This is the actual speed of the game that we (the developers) used to play - historical variations in browsers and virtual machines led to different game speeds.


An ace, which is a point acquired off a server without an opponent touching it, is worth 200 points.

A point scored without the opponet touching it, not on a serve: It's worth 100 points.

This is a normal point that is won. 50 points

Level bonus
After completing a level, your points, divided by your total points (as a fraction), is multiplied by 1000 and then added to your score.

Time bonus
Your total time taken in finishing a round, in seconds, is subtracted from 300, and then added to your score after a game.

Flawless victory
If you win 6-0 in a "shutout", you earn 1000 points automatically.

End of Game
At the end of a game, all accumulated points is multiplied by 2^(the level number -1). For example, you lose against the Slime Master (lvl 3). You accumulated 1200 points. The 1200 is then multiplied by 2^3.

The Slimes

Pathetic White Slime (White Slime)
The easiest slime to beat, though some players argue that Angry Red Slimons is an easier opponent. To beat it, use the Tip Serve. Once the ball is in play, hit it deep into the court. If you are receiving the serve, just wait at the net, and jump and hit the ball as soon as it comes over the net.

Angry Red Slimons (Red Slime)
Another easy slime, this slime behaves similarly to the white slime. Watch out for the Bastard Serve, a serve that just drops over the net. To beat it, use the same strategy as for the Pathetic White Slime. Watch out for drop shots or bastard serves: this slime loves to just push the ball over the net and let it drop. It will watch for you doing drop shots, so hit the ball as far as you can and the AI possibly won't get there in time. Don't bounce it off the back wall unless the slime is already back there. A really cheap way to win is by letting Slimonds serve, running to the net as he does a Bastard Serve (which 99% of the time he does), and jumping when the ball hits your slime. Usually the AI will follow the ball back and jump, so the ball goes underneath.

Slime Master (Black Slime)
The Slime Master is the first Slime to use the Tip Serve so watch out! The lame way of winning is using the Skim Serve, or if you hit a deepish Tip Serve that hits the back wall just a bit above the ground. If you want a real challenge, once the ball is in play, you can win by throwing the ball at the net rather than spiking it, or hitting it deep into the back court and keeping it low (ie, don't jump when you hit it). Another way is to hit the ball very, very low while the black slime is near the net - try to hit the ball low into his front - it will bounce off his front and into the net, he will jump and it will hit beneath him.

Psycho Slime (Flashing Slime)
This slime has the advantage of being able to move twice as fast as its human opponent. Watch out for some tricks like running with the ball and the Wabam Slam. If you are cheap, then you can win by using the Reverse Skim Serve. Otherwise, like with the Slime Master, hit the ball deep and long. Wait for Psycho Slime to make a mistake rather than trying to hit winners. Don't spike or throw the ball at the net as this tends to bounce back off Psycho Slime over your own slime and you will lose the point.

Big Blue Boss
The Boss is a big slime and although it only moves at the normal speed, its size makes it very difficult to hit a winner. Be very patient, hit it long and low. I don't know of any serve that will always defeat the boss. There are reports that a certain type of tip serve will also defeat him (if you get it to hit the back wall just above the ground)! Otherwise, try a reverse skim serve, wait for the boss to hit it back low, and then move forward to hit the ball low so it skims over the net and under the boss.