Cricket Slime FAQ

This is a FAQ for Cricket Slime.

What is cricket? It's a game played with a bat and ball, popular in countries that were once colonised by the British.

How do I play cricket? I'm not going to give a full explanation here, but for those that have a baseball background, here's some comparisons for Cricket Slime:

  1. The slime on the left is the bowler, who bowls the ball. Bowling is like pitching except the ball can bounce up to two times before reaching the batsman (batter)
  2. The slime in the middle is the batter.
  3. The slime on the right is the wicket keeper (wickie / back stop). It can't move laterally.
  4. Highest number of runs wins.
  5. You score runs by hitting the ball and running to the middle white marker (crease) and having some part of your slime behind it (on the left), if you run back to where you started, you get another run (you must have some part of your slime behind the line again, which is now on the right). Hitting the ball to the left wall on the full will score six runs, hitting the wall after it bouncing will score you four runs.
  6. You can get "out", but instead of only having three outs, you can get out as many times as you like, except you lose five runs each time.
  7. You can be bowled, which is when you miss the ball and it hits the white stick (the stumps). This is like being struck out I guess. Even if you hit the ball and then it hits the stumps before being fielded, or hitting the right wall, you are still out.
  8. You can be caught out, except when the ball bounces off the right wall.
  9. You can be run out, when you are out of your creases, and the ball hits the stumps, or the wickie has the ball. Even if you hit a six, you can still be run out.
  10. Each team bats only once.

That's a basic rundown of the game, for more info, read the Laws of the game, available off the Cricket Slime page.

What's with the stupid comments? It's commentary! Most (95%) of it is sourced from actual quotes from the Channel Nine (Australia) commentary team, captained by the legendary Richie Benaud in his cream/bone/white/off-white/ivory/beige jacket. The stupider it sounds, the more likely it's been said on national television!

What's the difference between Classic Cricket Slime and Slime Cricket: World Cup edition? The classic game is what I wrote in early 2002. It is a two player game only. The World Cup edition adds a one player game, and has had a couple of changes to the sizes of the slimes and ball physics to make it easier to score runs.

How come the ball isn't dead when you hit a six or a four? This is one of the rules that comes from indoor cricket - you can sneak more runs into your total.