Slime Tennis

Slime Tennis is under redevelopment and will be here soon!
Slime Tennis: a Fractal Wedgey production (Quin Pendragon / Daniel Wedge). Ouch.

About this game
It's a tennis game — normal tennis rules of serving and general play apply. The first player to win the selected number of games with a lead of at least two games wins the match. There is no tie-breaker. The court lines shown in the game are (from left to right) the baseline, the service line, the net, the service line, and the baseline.
Spin Courts
In Slime Tennis, you can apply top spin or backspin to the ball. The spin only comes into effect when the ball bounces (eg, a top spinner dip through the air, and kick forwards when it bounces). To maximize the amount of spin, hit the ball when your slime is moving the most, eg just after you jump, or just after you land. To apply top spin, hit the ball while moving upwards and/or forwards. To hit a backspinner, hit the ball while moving downwards and/or backwards.

If you can't get your serves in, try to hit the ball with top spin by jumping and moving forwards as you hit the ball.

You can choose to play on a hard court, clay court, or a grass court. Each court has its own characteristics, like grass courts are faster (the ball is less affected by spin) and clay courts are slower with hard courts somewhere in between. Also, the harder the court, the higher the ball bounces. So there are subtle differences that may favour certain players or tactics.
Player 1:
A / W / D = move left / jump / move right
S = change colour
Player 2:
J / I / L = move left / jump / move right, or the arrow keys
K = change colour
Other keys:
P = pause
C = continue (in one player mode)