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Who runs this site?
Me, Daniel Wedge, aka Wedgey, the guy who did the One Slime AI. Most of the Knowledge Base content is written by me, with many contributions from community contributors to the old wiki.

What happened to the wiki and forum?
Spam bots took them over. I've rescued some of the core pages and put them in the Knowledge Base, which is not editable.

What's up with the names of the serves/skills in the Knowledge Base?
They're either descriptive names or exclamations made when making/falling victim to them, from various community members.

What happened to the high score table? How can I save my replays?
These features didn't make it when I rewrote the game in HTML5. Sorry.

Why don't you host all of the Slime games?
I'd rather just host my own stuff rather than attempting to host The Definitive Slime Website (which includes many very similar games) - especially now that most of games use now-defunct Java applets and need porting.

Will you link to my website, or host this game/file for me?
No, sorry - I'm only hosting/linking to things with which I am directly associated.

Do you know such-and-such a link is broken?
No. Please email me with the details of the broken link, I would appreciate it (email address below).

Will you write any more Slime games?
Unfortunately things in the Real World have priority and I don't really have any ideas/motivation for more games right now. Never say never though...

What happened to Minesweeper Live and your footy tipping software?
I have taken them down due to them requiring too much maintenance for a dwindling user base.

Can I hire you to port my Java applet to HTML5?
Maybe - get in touch, my email is below.

Is the Impossible 15 puzzle really impossible?
Yes - see this article on Wikipedia. Sorry :P

What's your email address? - you know what to do :)