Slime Replay Generator

Use this tool to show off your skills - you can then post replays on your
MySpace page, or post them on the Slime Wiki! Just click on the applet
below and play away. There's special codes at the bottom of this page.
This tool is based on the AFL Slime code, hence the funny Slimes.

After you choose to save a replay, if another browser window doesn't open, you might need to tell your browser to allow popups from this site.

Player 1: A=left, D=right, W=jump, S=change team
Player 2: J=left, L=right, I=jump, K=change team

NIGHT: night time slime on/off
SUPER: both super slimes on/off
(If you want just one slime as super slime, let it win 6 points in a row.)