One Slime Classic

This version of the game is intended for those who can't play the current version of the game for some reason . Any eligible high scores achieved with One Slime Classic will still make the high score table. I'd appreciate any feedback as to why you play this version instead of the new version - email me at (anchorslime at gmail dot com) or discuss it in the forum.

Slime Volleyball: One Slime: a Quin Pendragon (Fractoid) / Daniel Wedge (Wedgey) production.

About this game
It's a volleyball game. You are the "slime" on the left. Whoever lets the ball hit the ground on their side of the court loses the point. First to six points wins... and then you face another challenger! There are five opponents to defeat, and a high score table to conquer. Note: you can win a point even if you do not serve.
Frequently Asked Questions
A/left arrow = move left
D/right arrow = move right
W/up arrow = jump
K = restart level
P = pause
O = "Oh shit" pause
If "oh shit" doesn't work, you might need to turn on in your browser. Click here to test your settings.
Ace = 200 points
Winner = 100 points
Point = 50 points
Level bonus = 1000 * your points/total points
Time bonus = 300 - time taken (secs)
Flawless victory = 1000 points
All multiplied by 2^(the level number - 1)