Casio Calculator Programs

These all require a Casio FX-9700 Calculator, although there's no reason why they shouldn't work on other models. Click each title to view a description of the program and the code. All files are text files typically 2kb in size.

Sean Tan also maintains a site dedicated to more modern Casio graphics calculators at

Guess the number game - 0.8kB
Blackjack game - 8kB
Footy (Aussie Rules) - 2kB
Horse racing game - 5kB

Relativistic effects
Relativistic velocities
Decibel adder
Projectile motion
Launch angle calculator - new 28/10/02
Vertical circular motion
Speed converter
Moment of inertia of an ][ beam
Moment of inertia of a T beam
Moment of inertia of a pipe

Simple Mandelbrot set viewer
Advanced Mandelbrot set viewer
Newton-Raphson method
Secant method
Polar complex numbers
3D vector calculator (web version)
2D transformation matrices
Z finder for Normal distribution
Normal approximation of the Binomial
Correlation and regression
Four point centred moving average
Random number generator (scaled)
Greatest common divisor
Distance from point to a line - new 28/10/02

Limiting reagent

Disclaimer: The code for the above programs is provided as-is: no responsibility for correctness or suitability of the code is taken whatsoever. If you do have a suggestion or bug fix, head to my contact details page to email me and I'll see what I can do.

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