Slime Volleyball: One Slime

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Slime Volleyball: One Slime: a Quin Pendragon (Fractoid) / Daniel Wedge (Wedgey) production.
If you get big white or grey box above this message, you may need to download the Java Runtime Environment to play the game.

About this game
It's a volleyball game. There are two players - if you are playing a one player game, then you are the player on the left. Win points by making the ball land on your opponent's side of the court. The first player to six points wins! You can touch the ball as many times as you like, and you can win a point even if you don't serve. You can play against a friend, or challenge the five computer opponents in one player mode and make it onto the high score table!

For more info, read the One Slime FAQ.

Player 1:
A / W / D = move left / jump / move right
Player 2:
J / I / L = move left / jump / move right
In one player mode, player 1 can use the arrow keys, or in two player mode, player 2 can use the arrow keys.
Other keys:
Space = view replay of rally
K = restart level (one player mode only)
B = toggle double buffering
P = pause
O = "Oh shit" pause
If "oh shit" doesn't work, you might need to turn popups on in your browser for Click here for a popup test.
(one player mode only)
Ace = 200 points
Winner = 100 points
Point = 50 points
Level bonus = 1000 * your points/total points
Time bonus = 300 - time taken (secs)
Flawless victory = 1000 points
All multiplied by 2^(the level number - 1)

If the game is too slow, press B to turn double buffering off, or play One Slime Classic instead.

View the high score table

Here's a link to One Slime 666 edition.